Saturday, 19 April 2014

Venom Bodypainting - Step by Step

Products used - Mehron Paradise AQ Cake Makeup in colours..
- Black
- White
- Dark Pink
- Purple
- Light Green
- Light Blue

Step 1 Using a white eyeliner pencil draw on your outline. For Venom the basics are eyes, open mouth, with sharp teeth and a long tongue. As well as a spider logo on the chest.

Step 2
Fill in the lighter colours first, using the white for the teeth and eyes and the dark pink for the tongue and gums.

Step 3
Outline what you've done so far using the black.

Step 4
Fill in the empty spaces in black. Going back to the white eyeliner pencil, draw on the spider logo.

Step 5
Outline the spider and fill in the empty spaces using the black. I then added a bit of shading to the tongue and gums using purple. You can also add a bit of grey shading to the teeth by mixing the white and black together. I also added a few speckles of light green and light blue on the tongue and mouth.

Step 6
Stand against a black background to get the full effect of the bodypaint and finished character.

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  1. Amazing, your so talented! I can't wait to see what you have left up your sleeve xx