Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Final Shoot Photos!

Face chart - planning for my final makeup look.
Last month I posted up about my time at Davinia Fermi's Makeup Academy, having done a 5 week intense makeup course in TV, Film and Theatre Makeup and Hair, which you can read all about *here!*

On the last day of the course we had a model come in so we could showcase what we'd learnt and how far our makeup skills had come since the start of the course. Included in the last day of the course was a professional photographer, so we could get the best start to building our new portfolio for potential clients. I have now got my photos back from Roger Charles Photography and I am incredibly happy with them. My lovely model Poppy looks beautiful and I'm really pleased with the makeup and hair that I manages to create on the day! Obviously I didn't just rock up in the morning and improvise, we'd been planning our looks in the final week, as well as having lessons on different makeup looks each day and we had the day before to practise, so that we felt more confident with our designs for the final day. I was sent four photos in total from the photographer, but the two below are my favourite.

I have now set up a facebook page, 'Emily Eva Alice' which I'm using as a blogger and makeup artist page, so feel free to head over, check it out and give it a 'like' if you fancy! Emily Eva Alice

Makeup and Hair - Emily Parker (me)
Model - Poppy Fuller
Photographer - Roger Charles Photography

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  1. Great good the model looks stunning!

  2. that looks so amazing

  3. Stunning shots! I love the makeup!

    Kate | Beautiboe xx