Friday, 25 April 2014

Chemo Cravings!

'A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.'

Today for the first time in ages I had an omelette... I know what you're thinking.. why am I telling you about my really uninteresting lunch?! Well, it actually jogged my memory!

The first time I started on my omelette craze, was when I was allowed to go home from hospital after my first round of chemo... when I was first admitted into hospital I stayed there for just under a month and when my levels had climbed their way back up to a 'safe' number after completing my first cycle of chemo, I was allowed home. (But I had to be wary and careful of anything that might cause me to get an infection.) I'd been briefed by the nurses about foods that were better for me to eat, that didn't contain any live bacteria, as my immune system wasn't as good as your regular person's, so I had to try and avoid foods and situations where I might be at risk of picking up an infection, or cook everything thorougly. There was my next problem... what could I eat?! There was a whole list of foods that I could have eaten, but then it came down to the fact that I didn't really fancy anything.. however, my Mum was a woman on a mission... a mission to fatten me up! She kept popping her head round the door with endless suggestions and combinations of different foods and I eventually settled on a cheese omelette. Little did I know, that when I was at home that was literally all I'd want to eat! To liven things up a bit she added a bit of greek salad and tomato salsa dip... which I ended up eating at least two pots of a day! It's good stuff!

Throughout my treatment, when I was at home all I ate was...

1. Cheese Omelette
2. Greek Salad
3. Tomato Salsa Dip
4. Dark Chocolate

These foods were all I could think about when a meal was suggested.

When I wasn't at home, but in hospital, I ate the hospital food. In the defence of hospital food everywhere, it really wasn't as bad as people make out! I became very fond of potatoes, yoghurt and toast.. so much so, that the lovely ladies taking down what I wanted for breakfast, lunch and tea each day could predict what I was going to choose each time! Haha... I'm so predictable! During my stays in hospital though, which was usually about 3 weeks minimum for 3 out of the 4 cycles of chemo, my parents would pop in each day to see me armed with chocolate, chocolate... aaaand more chocolate! Dark chocolate was something I definitely had a soft spot for and when one of my best friends came to visit me in Brighton, she'd run round the supermarket with her Mum beforehand on a serious quest for dark chocolate! Which was lovely of her!

One thing the doctors and nurses also stressed, was that if you want to eat something.. eat it! Being in and out of hospital and on treatment can effect your weight, so it's important to just eat what you want and when you want to. I suppose it all depends on how the chemo effects your taste buds and appetite too, but those were my funky little chemo food cravings!

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