Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Top 3 Illamasqua Must Haves!


Illamasqua is, hands down, one of my favourite makeup brands out there! It started off with a sparkly nail polish, then a gold eyeliner... and then I was hooked.
Whether you're a working makeup artist or if you're self taught and just starting out, you need to have a basic kit. These three products are a must have and here's why...

1) Sealing Gel.
This tiny little bottle may seem pricey at £7 for 6ml, however, one drop of this product goes a long way and if you use it sparingly it will last you. The Sealing gel allows you to take any product, whether it be eye shadow, pure pigment or even lip liner and mix it in. Once mixed the gel and the product combined form a paste. This means you can now use your favourite eye shadow as an eyeliner, or give your lip liner that added bit of protection by brushing a drop of the sealing gel over your lips once filled in.

2) Skin Base Foundation - Shade 01
Having a white foundation in your kit is a must! You can mix this product with any other shade of foundation to make it a bit lighter, or a bit sheerer on application so the skin can show through a bit more, giving your overall skin finish a more 'natural' look. This foundation has buildable coverage without it looking 'cakey' on the face and is suitable for all skin types, (dry, oily or combination skin.) You can also use it as a highlighter along the brow bone or in the corners of the eyes. It's an incredibly versatile product and a good investment for your makeup bag.

3) Hydra Veil
This has to be my favourite product out of the three!
Hydra Veil is the perfect base for your skin! The pot comes with a hygienic little spatula, which you only need one scoop of for the face... apply the gel like product to the skin using a foundation brush and let it settle for a minute or two... then away you go with the foundation! It's 'instantly, hydrating gel formula' means that you can get that even and perfect finish on the driest of skin, as it adds a bit of moisture and hydration to the face.
What I also love about this product is it's quirky appearance. In the pot, it's a bit like a jelly/ gel mixture, but if you get the spatula and mix it up, it turns into a blobby, jelly mixture! Don't panic though, it'll turn back into that smooth, jelly, gel like product that you were looking at when you first opened the pot in a matter of minutes.. magical!

All products mentioned above can be found on the Illamasqua site *here!*

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  1. The Hydra Veil looks really interesting! I think I want to go to Sephora and check it out now! Thanks for the recommendation on your blog!

    1. It's brilliant Asha. They've just brought out a new Hydra Veil specifically for oily skin as well. :)