Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Real Techniques Brushes - Eyes

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Real Techniques Brushes, I already have 9 of them... and here are 5 more to add to my beautiful brush collection. It is the Real Techniques 'Your Eyes/ Enhanced Starter Set' and you can get it *here* from Boots for £21.99

Base Shadow Brush
This is definitely your go to brush when applying eye shadow, or any starting base colour to your eyelid. The brush itself is about fingernail size and comes to a tapered point, allowing smooth application onto the lid, which you can also use to run colour into your crease line. The bristles are very soft, which allows for give from the brush on application, allowing you to effortlessly blend out the colour instead of having a harsh line along the top of you eyelid.

Deluxe Crease Brush
This is the largest and the fattest out of this set of brushes. Due to it's oversized design, it allows for easy blending in and above the crease line, making it easier to contour your eye makeup and colour to the outer crease.

Accent Brush
This diddly little brush is the smallest in the set. It is essentially a smaller version of the Domed Shadow Brush, which I purchased at the beginning of the month, (details of which you can find *here*) It is minute though, which  makes it incredibly useful for popping on a bit of white shadow in the inner corner of the eye to highlight and doing detailed eye art designs... like if you fancy an alternative look of leopard print eye shadow, then this is your brush... the possibilities are endless with this little gem!

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush

Of course, you can't forget your eyeliner! If you don't fancy using a pencil liner along your waterline to tight line your eyes, then this brush is your new best friend. Pop it into a pot of gel liner and glide along your waterline, or alternatively you can use it along your lashline... or both! The tapered point allows for fine application or a much denser application of colour, depending on personal style/ choice.

Brow Brush
Whether you're after a scouse brow, or just want to lightly fill in your natural brows, this Brow Brush is ideal for both. Due to it's angled shape and densely packed bristles, it means you can easily get a defined arch in your brow and it allows you to fill them in without getting powder everywhere or spilling over, above or below the brow line.

Overall I am not disappointed with the quality or the product application these brushes give, like the larger brushes available in the range they apply product with ease and are a very good alternative, if not better, to other well know high quality branded brushes, which come in at a much higher price range. I love them!

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