Friday, 7 February 2014

MUA Nail Varnish - Fashionista Glitz!

One thing I love in life is a bit of glitter! Recently I was having a browse through the MUA Store sale items. MUA - Makeup Academy are a makeup brand which are cheap to buy but are still high quality products. I absolutely LOVE their makeup range! This glittery nail polish was one of my bargain buys! I painted my nails with a white varnish and then whacked on a bit of this MUA polish, in the colour 'Glitz.' There is so much sparkle and glitter packed into this clear coat polish, that you'll be sparkling all day. The application of the polish is smooth, despite it being glitter and if you just want to use one coat, you still get a decent, even coverage of sparkliness! You can put it over any colour, you could even use it on the whole nail with a simple french manicure, just to add a bit of glitz to your white french tips. The possibilities with this glitter polish are endless!

It's gorgeous and for a glitter lover, it is a must have! It's a steal at £1.50 over on the MUA site *here* as it is currently in their sale shop, original price is £5.00 and it's from their latest Fashionista range.

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