Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bald and Beautiful

Losing your hair and going bald is probably one of the worst things you'll have to go through when you have cancer, (besides all the chemo and drugs.) Sometimes hair loss happens quickly, sometimes it happens gradually. My hair loss was dragged out over a number of weeks as my hair thinned a lot first and then started falling out in clumps and eventually there was hardly any left, so I decided to take the rest off.

Once all my hair was gone (and when it started to poke through again as it was growing back,) one thing I found was that my scalp became itchy and sore and when my hair started to grow back, my scalp felt more itchy and more uncomfortable. I tried different moisturisers at first, but all of them I found to be too strong on my little bald head, so my lovely Mum went off round the shops in search of something to soothe my uncomfortable head and she returned with Bepanthen.
Bepanthen is a nappy care ointment cream. It's a product developed to use on babies with nappy rash, however, it is extremely good to us on a sore, itchy bald head! Honestly, I don't think you'll find anything to beat it! It's quite a thick and creamy ointment, so a little of this on your head will go a long way.

'Bepanthen's gentle formulation quickly soothes and supports gentle skin recovery. When applied at every nappy change, (or when your newly bald head begins to feel sore/ dry or itchy,) Bepanthen forms a long-lasting, breathable barrier, protecting delicate skin against the irritants that can cause nappy rash.' (Or an itchy/ dry/ sore scalp.)

A 30g tube of Bepanthen will last you for a while, but if you want to get a bigger tube it's also available to buy in 100g. You can buy Bepanthen online from *Superdrug* or you can pop into the store. (It is slightly cheaper in Superdrug than Boots.)

Photo taken 2nd October 2013

If your hair has started to grow back already and you want to know which shampoos and conditioners are best to use for your new locks, then you can find all that on one of my previous blog posts *here!*

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  1. I think you look lovely even without hair. It brings out your best features. Itchiness is always a side effect, especially when your hair is starting to regrow. Also, soreness and red spots usually appear when the growing hair is not able to break out of the skin. It’s a good thing that your doctor was able to recommend you some products to ease your discomfort. :)

    Amanda Mazzocchi @ Good Look Ink

    1. Thank you Amanda. It was actually my Mum that suggested and found Bepanthen for me. :) Hope you're having a good weekend. xx