Monday, 20 January 2014

Crown Brush Products

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive some Crown Brush products! These were the Foundation/ Camouflage/ Corrector Palette and Set 615 - White HD Brush Set.

First off, the palette! Crown Brush have put everything you need for a perfect base into one little palette! If you have bags under your eyes... this will cover them! Angry spots? This will cover them! Small blemishes? THIS will cover them! The palette contains six different cream based concealers, lilac, green and then four different tones of skin colour. Because the palette contains cream based products it means they can be easily applied one on top of the other and blended. Priced at £22.99 on the Crown Brush website I would 100% recommend you get one, as you won't need anything else for your foundation routine! You can conceal your blemishes, correct uneven skin tone and apply your chosen colour of foundation all from this palette and you can even use one of the darker tones to contour. It is a makeup lovers must have!

Next up, the brushes! Set 615 - White HD Brush Set is a 7 piece set, made up of 6 brushes and 1 pair of tweezers; the set comes in a white patent leather case, with a little mirror on the left hand side. The brushes themselves are white with blue tips and are made up of nylon bristles, not only do they look gorgeous, they are of extremely high quality. Even if you use drugstore makeup which isn't of the same quality as high end brands such as MAC or Illamasqua, it is worth investing in a good quality set of brushes like these. Even with the smallest amount of product (such as eye shadow) on one of these brushes, the dense nylon bristles that make up the brush, pick up the colour pigment and transfer it to your eyelid without losing the intensity of the colour/ pigment in the shadow. They are really beautiful brushes which produce strong, pigmented results no matter what brand of makeup you use! Priced at £29.99 on the Crown Brush website, you get a Pro Powder Brush, a Tapered Blush Brush, a Deluxe Contour Brush, a Chisel Shadow Brush, a Crease Blender Brush and a Detail Liner Brush, as well as the case they come in and a little pair of tweezers! 

I used both my Crown Brush brushes and my Crown Brush palette to create the 'Butterfly' makeup look below. As you can see from my eyes and lips, the brushes picked up the pink pigment incredibly and it went onto my eyes and lips smoothly, still keeping the strong pigmented colour of the pink eye shadow and lipstick. I am very impressed with the quality of both products from Crown Brush and I will definitely be purchasing more from them in the future!


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